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Are you looking for a tutor for your child?

Are you looking for a tutor to nurture and support your child in achieving their full potential?

I am a qualified primary teacher with over 10  years of experience in the classroom. I teach children in the primary curriculum, predominantly tutoring Maths and English. I take on pupils from aged 5 upwards.I believe in supporting and nurturing children’s individual talents enabling them to achieve their full potential. I work with children and families both during term-time and in the school holidays. In my experience, the holidays work proves invaluable in setting a child up with the confidence and knowledge to move forward in their learning.1:1 tutoring can help a child really develop their skills in a safe, supportive and positive environment and in turn enable them to become confident learners. Each child is different and as such I work with each child in an individual and personalised way, taking into account previous experiences, personal views, school feedback and parental views. I do all this in line with the curriculum requirements.
I can provide short-term blocks of tutoring to support and fill in gaps. This would take the form of a bespoke pre-planned block of sessions designed for your child.I also provide longer term tutoring solutions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, flexible to meet your family’s needs.

Please take the time to look through the small sample of my many notes from both parents and children of which I am incredibly proud to share. I truly believe that working with me can make a difference.

I live in the Eastbourne area and can travel locally to provide my services. Please get in touch with me below to discuss options such as pricing, shorter term tutoring and the possibility of small group (1:2) tutoring.

I look forward to hearing from you!